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Please take a look at our six nominees. We will be filling five slots, so please vote for no more than five people either by emailing Michelle Steuermann at tipsam3@gmail.com or in person at the May 15th Bluegrass Hawaii Membership Meeting and Jam in Manoa (see below for jam details)!

Jim Bersson

Jim has been involved with Bluegrass Hawaii since 2013 when he stopped by the April campout and found himself enjoying both the music and people he met there. He has been an active participant since, attending monthly and weekly jams, as well as hosting several monthly half-fast jams at his house on the windward side of Oahu. Jim has become active with the biannual campouts and for the last two campouts, has coordinated Bluegrass Hawaii's efforts to reserve the Makai side campsites. For the past year and a half, Jim has played guitar in the Li'l Bluegrass Shack Band, playing monthly community service gigs at assisted living facilities all over Oahu, as well as occasional gigs at civic and commercial establishments. Jim's nomination was unsolicited, but he welcomes the opportunity to give back to an organization that has provided him a lot of enjoyment over the past several years.

Andy Char

Andy has been a member of the BGH board for four years, and would like the opportunity to serve for another two year term. He enjoys playing bluegrass music, and spends far too much of his spare time inflicting auditory damage on his patient wife and sons with practice on the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and (Lord have mercy) banjo. Andy has been involved in the planning of the Bluegrass in the Koolau campout for several years, and hopes to continue efforts in making the campout a fun and friendly experience for pickers of all levels. He would also like to work towards reducing the micro-aggressions directed against banjo pickers and fiddle tunes by some members. When he has to work, he practices law as a partner in Chun Kerr LLP, specializing in commercial real estate law.

Ewi Greene

Aloha! I've been working the BGH website and emailing service since around 2008 and hope to continue in that position. I play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano, and bass, and my voice is legendary in its volume, being audible to anyone on the Likelike making their way to Ho'omaluhia. In my spare time I fly, own, and maintain antique aircraft. I hope to be able to prevent unwanted banning of the key of A, as suggested by one of us, as that would effectively ban the majority of fiddle tunes from our organization.

Molly Jenkins

I'm happy to be nominated, and to serve BGH, if deemed worthy. Though it is rare I try to keep up with you folks on my fiddle or viola, my bluegrass roots are strong and I have a deep appreciation for the talent it takes to play this crazy music well. I've read the bylaws and past meeting minutes; I can offer some knowledge of the social medias and some help with community outreach, while staying true to the objectives of the Bluegrass Hawai'i hui. When I'm not at Mo'O School in Manoa, you can find me in Kaimuki with Nakana "no sleep 'til dawn" Wong, his bass, and our crazy pets.

Justin Murata

Justin Murata is the reigning President and Intercontinental Champion of Bluegrass Hawaii. His first order of business will be to install himself as King of Bluegrass Hawaii. After all, in his own words, "it's not like I was elected president in the first place, so what's the difference? Plus, people will love it once the purges have run their course."

His first decree as King of BGH will be the forced twirling of fire by all campers at every Bluegrass in the Koolau campout. You will need to bring your own twirling equipment but BGH will provide the fire at a reasonable price.

King Justin's next order of business will be to outlaw the key of A at all BGH events. Obviously, this is long overdue and something sorely needed. Again in his own words, "it was either that or fiddle tunes so deal with it." In a show of goodwill and to placate the masses, all banjos will be destroyed on site. Naturally, that will not apply to banjos being used in conjunction with drum circles, which will be encouraged.

These are just a few of the benefits to be bestowed upon you once Justin is re-elected and the coronation is complete.

Jeb Wiemer

Jeb Wiemer is a local luthier, singer, instrumentalist, and all around good guy with a big heart. Born on Oahu to papaya farmers, he learned to work hard and continues to do so for Bluegrass Hawaii, helping out with cooking, fire building, tent setting, ice runs, and anything else that anyone asks for!

In 2011, he launched Wiemer Guitars, producing legendary instruments of superior sound and beautiful exotic tone woods. Anyone familiar with Jeb's instrument building and repair skills knows what a talent we have here in our little part of the Pacific.


Manoa Valley District Park, 2721 Kaaipu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96822
Sunday May 15, 2016, 1 - 5 pm

Board Elections and Membership Meeting will take place before the next BGH Jam! Our continuing Board members are Bob Hayes and Michelle Steuermann. We have five positions open, as Teresa Berthiaume, Andy Char, Ev Greene, Justin Murata, and Jeb Wiemer are at the end of their terms. Our Bylaws state that directors have 2 year terms and are able to serve 3 consecutive terms for a total of 6 years without a break. Currently, none of our outgoing directors are term limited. Please vote via email to tipsam3@gmail.com or just come to the jam and vote in person!

DATE: SUNDAY, May 15, 2016

TIME/LOCATION: Manoa Valley District Park, 2721 Kaaipu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96822

BRING: Traditional instruments, chairs or blanket, cooler, snacks, drinks and a POTLUCK TO share!

DIRECTIONS: Exit the H1 Freeway at University Ave. Head north toward the mountains. Stay on University Avenue as it goes uphill and then downhill. Then turn right on E. Manoa Rd. Go through Manoa town and then turn left on Kahaloa Ave. We will be on the left side under the trees.


MAHALO TO ALL WHO CAME OUT AND HAD THE BEST TIME EVER!! Remember, the next Bluegrass in the Ko'olua is October 28 - 31, 2016. It's not too soon to start planning! We'd also like to hear your feedback on this last campout. Got good comments? bad ones? We can take it! Please email evelyn@bluegrasshawaii.com with all your ideas for improvement!

In fact, ever wonder how all that food is kept cool and fresh at the campout? We are looking for a volunteer ICE PERSON. This person will need to:

  1. Store the big ice chest at his or her place, and could use it in between campouts.
  2. Would get free membership in BGH.
  3. Would get preferred parking at campouts, plus use of a folding sawhorse to reserve the parking spot.
  4. Would need to get the ice (specifically, 8 blocks and 40 lbs of cubes; no substitutions) to the campout by 5:00 Friday. Ice can be purchased at Hawaiian Ice, near Pier 38.

Need a big cooler and are interested in helping out? Please email Andy Char at awchar@gmail.com to volunteer!


Big City Diner
108 Hekili Street, Kailua, 808-263-8880
Friday, May 6th and 20th, 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Hard Rock Cafe
280 Beachwalk, Honolulu, 808-955-7383
Wednesday, May 11th, 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Haleiwa Joe's - Haiku Gardens, Kaneohe
46-336 Haiku Road, Kaneohe, 808-247-6671
Friday, May 27th 8:30pm-10:30pm


The Willows
901 Hausten Street, Honolulu, 952-9200
Friday May 13th, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Our favorite guitar (finger) picker Justin Murata will be playing Hawaiian music with his band Kela at The Willows on Friday May 13th from 6:30 to 8:30. If you plan on being in the area or just want to get out for some excellent food and drink in a relaxing, open-air environment, you will not want to miss it. The Willows is located in lovely Moili`ili.



Don't miss these OTHER cool recurring events, with focus on traditional music, here and there all over the Hawaiian Islands! Some happen monthly or even quarterly. Others have gatherings several times per month! All are listed on our RECURRING EVENTS page.
  • First Monday of each month, Waihuena Farm, Sunset Beach (O`ahu)
  • First Tuesday of each month at Big City Diner Jam in Kailua (O`ahu)
  • Second Tuesday of each month at Ruby Tuesday's, near the Navy Exchange
  • Second Saturday of each month at Rainbow Park, Makawao, Pickin' with the Chickens!
  • Third Tuesday of each month at Surf and Sea, Haleiwa
  • Fourth Sunday of each month, Bluegrass Hawaii Half-Fast Bluegrass Philharmonic Society,
    Please contact Larry Hind at divefish343@comcast.net for information.
  • Contradancers Of Hawaii (O`ahu)
  • Traditional Music Jam (TradJam)--O`ahu
  • First Saturday Pickin' & Potluck (Big Island)
  • Maui Singalong Circle, contant Phil and Cris Peacock at philandcrisp@gmail.com
  • Contradancing on Maui


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